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That the media seems to be covering more news stories about the environment of late? In fact, ever since the elections have ended, the CBC and other media outlets in Canada have mentioned different ways other countries in the world are using their industries to create jobs and advancing the fight against reducing their respective carbon emissions. Too bad that the media didn’t do that during the election campaign.

Since our elections ended, there have been stories on Freiburg in Germany and on Portugal and how they are reducing pollution, driving their economy with new jobs and innovative technologies while Canada lags behind. The Canadian solution thus far seems fairly feeble. There are companies trading carbon emissions by hiring a 3rd party to cut down healthy trees and plant new ones to offset their greenhouse gas emissions!? Who thought that one up? Apparently when people purchase airline tickets through Air Canada they can choose to offset the carbon gas damage of their trip buy contributing to this program from the safety of their airline seat… The new trees will take at least 20 years to mature… This is the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of landmass and that is how Canadian companies and the Conservative Party are helping to curb greenhouse gases. Not very inspiring. I wonder if the tree planting company plants trees in areas where forest fires have burned down hundreds of healthy trees or not? From the news report, they seemed to be planting in areas of healthy forests.

Also in the news: Harper and Flaherty might be heading towards a deficit. Really? You mean to say that when Canada is in a war where auditors cannot get all the information on the costs to the country because the Conservatives will not release the information – that the country’s budget might actually be headed towards a deficit… Who wouda thunk it?

Maybe we are in for a surprise… if the economy continues to tank, the dollar continues its drop and GM and Chrysler join together putting more people out of work, perhaps the Conservatives will not make it through 2009. Not that any of those things are very good. But it seems as though the greed of the past 15 years or so is really coming back to bite some of the major companies in the world. Then there is the distinct possibility that the Harper party will implode on itself through its own avarice and lack of focus outside that of copying Leo Strauss’ broken ideas.

Speaking of GM, imagine how much more stable GM and Ford would be right now if they had continued with the electric vehicles they released, then recalled and destroyed after protesting California’s zero emission policy (1996-2003). Check out this movie for more info: Who Killed the Electric Car?

The strange thing about the political winds, is that we are always given a chance to put the society on the path to prosperity and a positive humanist vision. We just have to take the responsibility seriously and make sure that the people we elect help build the society we need and not waste our resources on corporations, war and their own lifestyles. It is really up to us. Hmm…

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