Some of my thoughts about the Canadian Election

Harper’s secrets

The media is so biased against Dion. Harper refuses to speak to the media during an election campaign and Keith Boag suggests that Dion is in trouble.

The Canadian media has done everything to give this election to Harper. Let’s go out and vote for Cadman. He had enough sense not to side with Harper, now it’s our turn. Do the right thing. Vote ABC!

Voting ABC is as easy as 1-2-3

Here are some basic ABC guidelines that will work wonders if we’re all on the same page:

1. If you live in a riding that went Liberal, NDP or Bloc in the last election, vote for that party.

2. If you live in a riding that elected a Conservative, vote for the party that came second.

3. Vote for Elizabeth May if you live in her riding.

Now get your family and 10 friends to do the same. Let’s vote out the Regressive Conservatives!

As a leader runs a campaign, so will he run the nation. Harper hides from the media and waits until after the advanced polls close to release a platform. Dion is a leader for the 21st century. Smart, focused, compassionate and determined.

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