Dion’s Retake and Media Bias

I am amazed and saddened that anyone in the media, in Canada, would try and make a story out of Dion having misunderstood a question. What should have been the story, was the subsequent betrayal of the media in releasing the tape, after they agreed to redo the interview. Harper waited until after the advanced polls closed to release his party’s platform, told broke Canadians to go and buy stocks and refused to answer questions from the public that every other leader did on the televised, one-on-one CBC interview show YourTurn. His MPs have chastised a grieving father after his son died fighting for this country in Afghanistan, made nasty jokes when Canadians were dying due to government deregulation of the food industry, suggested that immigrants were responsible for crime and this is the thing that gets passed around newsrooms as a game changer in an election!?

The media really has it in for Dion. Maybe you are all jealous of him because he might become Prime Minister. Maybe Canada isn’t as warm and fuzzy as we’d like to think it is (just like Harper’s sweaters didn’t hide his mean streak).

This election has shown that there is a definite media bias in favour of the Conservatives and a mean-spiritedness towards Dion that resembles the bias of FOX News in the USA against Obama.

What gives media? Why all the bad press towards Dion? Anti-Francophone? Are you afraid to have an intelligent man as PM? Maybe it is something else… It is very sad to see what our media has done during this campaign. You have given Harper every opportunity to win – supporting him when he didn’t want Elizabeth May at the debates, allowing the format to be changed, the total lack of any real formal debate structure that only supported the Conservatives (and Harper still lost the debates, because he had nothing to say).

I hope that Dion wins the election and forgives you but many people have been turned off the CTV/CBC and the rest of you for not providing Canadians with the facts. Instead, you have all become a mouthpiece of the Conservative attack machine.

Stuff we need to know and that the media has kept from us during this election campaign:











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