Canada’s Charter of Rights and Afghanistan

Well, what to say… There are couple of things on my mind. First of all, I would like to inform all of you that I am currently involved in a very serious Canadian Charter (our civil/human rights legislation) in Montreal, Quebec. I am the complainant, meaning that I am the person who filed the charges against a corporation for discriminatory practices that have violated my Canadian Charter Rights.

On Friday, December 11, 2009. I will be informing anyone who cares about human/civil rights in North America about the status of my case. There is a lot to be said on how it has been handled thus far and the people involved…

It is going to be very informative as to the practices and legal issues that are ongoing in Canada, in the 21st century. Please refer to my posting on July 10, 2009 (title: Civil Rights and Justice) for some background info on my 6 1/2 year ordeal for justice in the Province of Quebec.

The other thing that I am thinking about is President Obama’s Afghan decision. From my comments on Obama thus far, it is clear that I am a staunch supporter of both his politics and vision. I have read both of his very well written books and was moved and inspired by them. I truly believe that Obama is the right person to be on the political stage right now. He is worldly, positive, smart, recognizant of the world’s view of the USA over the past 70 years or so and how much of the anxiety that exists, revolves around that, even though many citizens in the USA are not aware of how others around the world have viewed the USA’s foreign policy in recent historical times.

He is using diplomacy for its correct purpose, to calm down tensions while seeking a progressive ground that is in the best interests of his country and the larger world. It would be an honour to work with his team.

That being said, Obama recently made a speech regarding his decision to increase the troop levels in Afghanistan. I think it is the right thing to do and this is why:

In the years following the USA’s departure from training the Taliban rebels in Afghanistan the lack of direction for the nation allowed terror to plant its violent seeds. The terror from the Taliban also allowed the Al-Qaeda terrorists to gain a very strong foothold in Afghanistan and the fear they brought to the Afghan people allowed them to establish a base there to plan a execute the horrible actions committed on 9/11.

The reason to go after Al-Qaeda is because their existence threatens the safety of all of us in the western world. Anyone who understands how wars are fought must know that this war will end because of battlefield success as well as diplomatic success. But in order for the diplomatic success to really stick as it did in Germany, Japan and Italy after WWII, there has to be a very convincing military win for the NATO allies against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

In my opinion, that is why President Obama’s strategy is once again working ahead of the game to protect the USA first while meeting his military and diplomatic goals. As many of you have noticed in the news, there has also been requests to the other NATO Allies to increase their troop support, as well as efforts from the Pakistani government and military who are putting the squeeze on Al-Qaeda/Taliban sources hiding out in their country.

I applaud President Obama’s carefully thought out decision and as someone who abhors the thought of needless suffering and the pain of war also realizes that history teaches us if those who plan to hurt us are left alone (Al-Qaeda, Nazi Party, etc) then they will find the resources to spread terror, fear and violence.

Despite the anti-Obama rhetoric, he is not acting alone, this is a NATO mission and together the allies will be able to overpower and defeat Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Give the President some support. He has a lot of very good ideas and has the work ethic and drive to see them through.

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