President Obama and the Peace Prize

Yesterday, the world honoured President Obama with the Noble Peace Prize. To my surprise there has been some criticism of Obama in the media.

The world’s most powerful man spends the first 9 months of his Presidency reaching out to the world to repair the damage done to the USA’s reputation caused by the the previous administration and people in his own country mock the recognition bestowed upon him and the USA itself for its ideological shift and efforts at rebuilding international bridges?

Not only has Obama had to deal with very real international concerns but also with the very real and pressing domestic issues of the damaged economy and health care reform.

Are the people who criticizing Obama so embittered and cynical that they would prefer if the USA was only feared around the world but not respected and admired?

If the efforts of the Obama administration can diminish the rhetoric of saber rattling and constant threats of more aggressive nations, inspire world governments to spend more time working together and being engaged in diplomacy instead of hostile actions, is that not the very essence of what the Peace Prize is about?

In my opinion, the Peace Prize is about recognizing the efforts to promote peace and unity as the words and deeds of a good leader can help to inspire cooperation and respect between people of goodwill and noble intentions.

As Obama said himself he considers that the honour is not only for him but for the efforts of his administration.

It is comforting to see that the world community seems to get Obama. International understanding and acceptance will help to put the world on the path to real, sustainable prosperity. Too bad that some of the main beneficiaries of the Obama administration seem to be more interested in dividing their nation and stirring up dissent rather than applauding their leader for the honest goodwill and respect he is generating for the USA around the world.

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