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Decisions in November 2010 and beyond

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Hello people,

It’s been awhile since I wrote anything on my blog, as things have been fairly hectic here in Canada land.

Any of you who have been following politics in Canada are aware that there is a lot of stress going on in Canada’s Parliament, mainly orchestrated by the divisive tactics of Canada’s current federal government, the Conservative Party of Canada (aka CPC).

The CPC seem to have taken several pages out of the worst aspects of the GOP over the past eight years and have stirred up quite a mess to the north of all of you.

Not to mention my own issues abrewing north of the 44th parallel.

All of that while also trying to develop my own art/work (writing music, TV/film projects and actually swinging some gigs as an actor).

But I digress, the reason why I am writing this to you is that as a neighbor to your north, I am aware that there are some major elections going on in the USA this November.

From the ongoing media reports, it seems as though many of you are disappointed with the Democratic Party for not bringing change, fast enough, to the lives of the average American citizen.

There has also been considerable negative press of the President by the extreme parts of media (Yes, we have access to FOXNews up in Canada too! And no, it’s not a pretty sight!).

From my perspective as an outsider, I must admit to being completely baffled as to why moderates and progressives, in the USA, would listen to or be swayed by anything the Tea Party or the GOP would have to say, especially since the policies of the GOP have done so much harm to Americans across your country over the past thirty years and especially from 2001- January 2009.

Perhaps people have short memories but President Obama has been in power for less than two years and in that short time, there have been and continue to be numerous members of the media and politicians, in the USA, who have made some of the most disrespectful and hateful comments about him as POTUS and as a person, I’ve ever heard said about a new President.

Despite the overwhelming proof, the solid hard-core evidence that almost everything going wrong in the USA today was caused by the policies of the GOP, President Obama has been personally blamed for the current state of the economy and life in the USA.

Most people don’t seem to realize that it can take 2-4 years for many of the policies of the federal government to take effect in a country, which means whatever is presently going wrong in the USA was caused by the GOP, the very people, who have been and are currently blaming President Obama, everyday since he became President, less than 2 years ago.

Again, from the point of view of an outsider, I think the comments from people like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and the numerous members of the Tea Party, are so wrong that it defies common sense as to why anyone would take them seriously.

Think about it, from 2001-January 2009 there was no Tea Party movement, nothing, not a sign, no crazy costumes, no calls to take America back, from… but almost as soon as President Obama was elected, there emerged a huge mass of people who wanted to impeach him, who called him a traitor, disputed the facts of his birth, flashed weapons claiming that citizens were under threat of losing them, falsely claimed the US census was an invasion of privacy, even a crazy statement from Glenn Beck stating President Obama doesn’t like white people!? Despite the fact that POTUS Obama is of mixed heritage, whose mother was white and so were the grandparents who raised him, Mr. Beck made his ridiculous statement.

Yet, I’ve heard very little in support of President Obama from the people who elected him or who believe that the most outrageous statements made about him are false, cruel, ridiculous and utterly without merit.

Moderate and progressive people need to be more vigilant and outspoken, in supporting and defending their democracy from those who wish to subvert it, by using bullying tactics, and denying the truth.

From my outside vantage point, the GOP and Tea Party people are nothing but schoolyard bullies and thugs who are using their money and influence to undermine common sense, truth and civility in America and evidently in Canada as well by infecting our Conservative government with the same angry, confrontational and posturing style which has defined “politics” from the GOP. All of their bluster and negativity has done nothing, except get people angry and offers no real solutions to the pressing concerns of our times.

The Democratic Party has some really good ideas and plans to modernize America including; improving education, improving the infrastructure, health care, lowering taxes for the middle class, making the wealthy and corporations more responsible for their actions, creating proper oversight to prevent further abuses by Wall Street, bankers and other companies, expanding alternative energy sources, thereby creating better paying jobs, ending DADT and promoting the USA as a friend and an honest broker with the world, in terms of foreign policy decisions.

President Obama and the policies of the common sense side of the Democratic Party, are the what moderates around the world have been hoping for in terms of a direction from the USA government and apparently what moderates and progressives, in the USA itself, have been demanding for over 30 years. In the past, there have been glimpses of America’s true potential but it seems as though, the current administration has the best people in place to actually move the USA forward with intelligent, thoughtful, realistic goals and responsible cost cutting legislation that trims the fat, the waste off the government, reinvests the money and gives power back to the people, to build a country, where greed is not good.

But people gotta go out and vote. If people don’t support positive, hard-working politicians when they come on the scene to help their country, then they get stuck with the other kind…

Below are some links to news stories about POTUS Obama and some of the very good things he’s done thus far. In terms of actual work and policy, he’s brought in more positive legislation to the USA than almost any POTUS since FDR…

The man is doing the work, support him and help him restore America for your own sakes. Greed is not good.


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